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Prey Veng Province

Prey Veng is a small but heavily populated agricultural province located on the southeastern banks of the mighty Mekong. The name of the province literally means ‘tall forest’, but it no longer has those lush forests as most of trees had been chopped down over the years.
Tour wise, there is not much to see. However, during the pre-Angkorian times, this must have been one of the most populated and lively areas of the country. One of the earliest pre-Angkorian kingdoms is located in the area around Ba Phnom.
This is also a good stopover on the way to Kampong Cham or Vietnam. The town itself preserves a few old colonial buildings, evident of it being a lively and important centre in the old days. It has its fair share of temples as well. The Chong Srok temple may be worth a visit. Otherwise, there is the Ba Phnom resort, the Ba Ray An Det resort and Viel Brang to relax at.
Like the province of Svay Rieng, this province is also off the tourist maps, leaving backpackers the ones benefitting from this quaint province.

Places of Interest:

Baray Andet
Baray Andet is in Baray village, Baray commune, Prey Veng district, 3 kilometers west of Prey Veng provincial town. It is a plain on high ground surrounded by big trees. It is believed that Baray Andet is Bang Bot place, where all of the powerful and magical spirits in Prey Veng province gather, so local people consider it to be an ideal place for swearing  oaths and praying.

On Silas days, people paly pinpeat music for the spirit Neakta. They pray for happiness and ask for rain to grow rice. This is also the starting point for the Neakta procession to Ba Phnom before Khmer New Year.

Ba Phnom
Ba Phnom is located in Chheur Kach commuene, Ba Phnom district, about 78 kilometers east of Phnom Penh and 45 kilometers south of Prey Veng provincial town. Visitors traveling from Phnom Penh along National Road 1 should turn left at Kampong Sneung market and go about 7 kilometers.

There are four mountains in Ba Phnom  - Phnom Sampeou, Phnom Laang, Phnom Thom and Phnom Banhchor. Ba Phnom was once the ancient city Nokor Phnom , which was located near these mountains in Ba Phnom district. Few remnants of the city remain. Among those that can be seen are pieces of the ancient temple Prasat Chan, which was located in front of Wat Vihear Kuk, near the foot of Phnom Sampeou in Cheung Phnom  commune. At one time, the city also had a palace and a hall, but both have been destroyed by years of war.

The view from the top of Ba Phnom is very picturesque. There is a big, rocky cave near the mountaintop that shelters wildlife. At the foot of mountain, there is a pagoda, Wat Phnom, also known as Wat Ba Phnom.

A road circles the mountains, and a big pond lies the east of them. People live around the mountains. Ba Phnom has een eyed for tourism development east of the Mekong River, because the area attracts many people on weekends and during Cambodian festivals.

Chong Srok Temple
Chong Srok temple is located in Chong Srok village, Chong Srok commune, Srei Sithar Kandal district, about 38 kilometers north of Prey Veng provincial town. Chong Srok temple was built of brick and sandstone in the 7th century. It was built on a high ground in a field of palm trees near a koki tree. Although much of the temple has been destroyed, there remains a sandstone statue of a bull, once revered as a powerful Bodhisattva, or a Buddhist deity.

Beside the three sites, there are 15 other worship sites for visitors to explore:
-    Vihear Kandal in Kampong Trabek district
-    Vihear Prey Cha Riek in Kampong Trabek district
-    Vihear Prey Vear in Kampong Trabek district
-    Kampong Trabek Stupa
-    Wat Kdei Troap in Preah Sdech district
-    Wat Krang Svay in Preah Sdech district
-    Kdei Ang or Ang Chumnit in Preah Sdech district
-    Vihear Preah Sena in Preah Sdech district
-    Wat Viang Ptan in Preah Sdech district
-    Vihear Hor in Preah Sdech district
-    Preah Poan in Preah Sdech district
-    Vihear in Preah Sdech district
-    Preah Vihear Kuk in Ba Phnom district
-    Preah Vihear Cham or Chan Ba Phnom
-    Preah Theat Me Bon in Prey Veng district
Animists in Prey Veng province go to these sites to worship. The sites are also gathering points for local people.