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Stung Treng Province

Stung Treng is a beautiful province located on a high sandy bank overlooking the Mekong River. It is about 455 km from Phnom Penh and some 40 km to the Laos border. This charming city is linked to Banlung (Rattanak Kiri) and is more than just a ‘stopover’. The Sekong Bridge, itself an attraction, serves as a convenient passage to the border of Laos.
There are several noteworthy attractions in the province of Stung Treng. The incredible Sopheakmith Waterfall never ceases to mesmerise visitors, and neither does the stretch of the mighty Mekong, which is home to the incredibly rare Irrawaddy dolphins.
The Thala Barivat is only 4 kilometers from the provincial town. This is accessible by crossing the Se Kong River. Thala Barivat is the historical site where the Preah Ko, a 7th century brick temple of King Jayavarman I is located. Preah Ko is consists of six brick towers arranged in two rows of three towers each perched on a sandstone platform. This is one of the earliest temples built during the Angkor era.
Here in the vicinity are a few other small ancient temples; the Prambuon Lveng Temple, Srei Temple and the Angkor Kmao Temple. The Hang Kho Ba Pagoda, a 300 year old temple in the Hang Kho Ba Village, is also only about 6 Kilometers from the provincial town and worth the while to pay a visit.
Stung Treng province is also famous for sweet tamarind Pa Si Yi fish, a local delicacy enjoyed by many tourists.

Places of Interest:

O’Pong Moan
O’Pong Moan is a natural canal in O’Pong Moan village, O’Pong Moan commune, Stung Treng district, about 9 kilometers south of Stung Treng provincial town. The canal gets its water from the ground, about 50 kilometers from the site. The water from the canal flows into a lake that is popular for fishing and swimming. Resting cottages are available for rent along the canal. There is also a small power plant nearby that provides 10 kilowatts of electricity per hour.

Thala Barivat
Thala Barivat is a historical site located in Thala Barivat district, about 4 kilometers north of Stung Treng provincial town. To reach the site, travelers must corss the Skong and Mekong rivers. There they will find Preah Kor Temple, a brik structure constructed in the late 7th and early 8th centuries during the reign of King Jayavarman I. In front of the temple is a large statue of Preah Kor.

Near Preah Kor statue, there is a 10-meter-square yard where every year the Kuoy hill tribe engages in Veay Khel. The four-day games, which are part of a Kuoy festival, are held two or three weeks before Khmer New Year.

There are many small, ancient temples near Thala Barivat, but most of them, such as Prambuon Lveng temple, Srei temple and Angkor Khmao temple have been heavily damaged over time.

Koh Ksach
Koh Ksach is located along Sekong River, about 5 kilometers from the provincial town. The site features a beautiful sandy beach, 2 kilometers long and one-half kilometer wide, where visitors can swim or relax. A natural site, it can be visited only during the dry season and is especially popular during Khmer New Year.

Wat Hang Kho Ba
Wat Hang Kho Ba is located in Hang Kho Ba village, Hang Kho Ba commune, Stung Treng district, about 6 kilometers northeast of the provincial town. A historical and cultural site, its main attraction is a 300-year-old pagoda. Most of the local people speak Khmer and Lao. The site is also very popular for its sweet tamarind. Stung Treng province is known for its sweet tamarind and pasiyi and pava fish.