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All nationals other than Malaysians require visas to visit Cambodia. There are issued on arrival at Phnom Penh and Siem Reap International airports, and at the overland crossings of the following check point borders:


  • Svay Rieng Province:  Bavet (Cambodia-Vietnam)
  • Kandal Province: Kham Sam Nor (Cambodia-Vietnam)
  • Prey Veng Province: Koh Rorka (Cambodia-Vietnam)
  • Koh Kong Province: Cham Yiem (Cambodia-Thailand)
  • Banteay Meanchey: Poipet (Cambodia-Thailand)
  • Ordor Meanchey: O'Smach (Cambodia-Thailand)


(Arriving overland from Vietnam at either Chau Doc, or from Laos at Voen Kham, you'll need to have obtained your visa in advance.) A single-entry tourist visa ($20 plus one passport photograph required) is valid for thirty days, including the day of issue, and can be extended once only, for one month. A business visa ($25 plus one passport photo) is also valid for thirty days, and can, in theory, be extended indefinitely and converted into a multiple-entry visa.      


Visa can only be extended in Phnom Penh at the inconveniently located Department for Foreigner (Mon-Fri 8-11am & 2-4pm), 8km out of town opposite Pochentong Airport. A tourist visa extension ($45) takes 2 working days.


28days to process and takes effect from the date you submit your passport-it cannot be forward dated to the day your current visa expires. As few people can afford to be without their passport for that length of time, they are forced into taking the three-day service at $40 for a one-month extension. Even then, applying for the extension is a time-consuming exercise involving at least two trips out to the airport. A fare easier option is to use the visa-extension services offered by travel agents and guest houses in town, who will do all the running around for just a few dollars' commission. Overstaying your visa is charted at a hefty $5 per day.


When crossing into Cambodia by land, you'll be asked to show your health card or international vaccination card. If you can’t produce it, you're asked to pay a "fine" of 50 baths at the Thai border post, or a dollar at the Vietnamese border. These charges have been introduced locally to supplement the salaries of immigration officials, and politely declining to pay doesn't have any repercussions.


Customs and Formalities


USD 25 $ per outgoing international passenger for flights from Phnom Penh

USD 25 $ per outgoing international passenger for flights from Siem Reap

USD 6 $ per outgoing domestic passenger for flights from Phnom Penh

USD 6 $ per outgoing domestic passenger for flights from all other domestic airports



Regulations are relaxed and simple formalities should be observed when entering the territory. Every traveler has to complete immigration and customs declaration forms during the arrival flight and must submit them on arrival. Any amount of foreign currency can be brought into Cambodia, but the amount of Cambodian currency must not exceed 100,000 Riels per person. Tourist and non-resident carrying over USD 10,000 in cash or its equivalent must declare it to ensure they will be allowed to take out with them the amount declared. Immigration formalities are quicker when travelers already possess their visa.


East West Travel Co.,Ltd representative will meet travelers at the airport, after passing immigration control. For easy recognition, our representative will display a East West Travel Co.,Ltd sign with the names of the guests or their group. Leaving the country, luggage will be X-rayed in Phnom Penh airport and inspected in Siem Reap.