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Travel Information    TIPS TO STAY IN CAMBODIA 

No matter how friendly monks are in Cambodia, women should not touch monks or their robes. Do not take photos or disturb monks during prayer times.


In Cambodia, the feet are considered the lowest form of the body and the head the higher form. Don't point or gesture with your feet or put your feet on the furniture. Also don't touch someone on the head.


Kissing and hugging in public is impolite in Cambodia culture. Please avoid this behavior in public places. Wearing revealing clothing is also not considered appropriate even though other tourists may do this.


Do not purchase historical artifacts in Cambodia. The looting of archeological sites results in the loss of significant social and cultural treasures, and robs the Cambodian people of their history.


Buying and consuming any type of narcotic drugs in Cambodia is illegal. Do not engage in this practice as it causes social and economic problems.


Support the local economy in Cambodia by buying Cambodian food and handicrafts, or simply try a traditional Cambodian meal on the menu of the many restaurants