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Most international visitors to Cambodia arrive by air at either Phnom Penh or Siem Reap. An increasing number of airlines are operating into Cambodia in response to the Cambodian governments open skies policy. The list of international airlines serving Cambodia includes; Bangkok Airways, China Southern Airlines, Dragon air, EVA Air, Lao Airlines, Malaysia Airlines, Mandarin Airlines, Mekong Airlines, Shanghai Airlines, Siem Reap Airways International, Silk Air, Royal Phnom Penh Airways, Thai Airways International and Vietnam Airlines.
 For transport to the city centre when arriving at Phnom Penh, you will find taxis outside the arrival hall. The taxi fare from the airport to the city is US$10 and the trip will take about 15 minutes, depending on traffic.
 In Siem Reap the cost of a taxi into the town area from the airport is US$10. Many of the larger hotels will offer free transport so let your hotel know your flight arrival details in advance.
 Overland travel to Cambodia is possible through Thailand, Laos and Vietnam via border crossings. Refer to our FAQ Section for information about visas for Cambodia.
Traveling around Cambodia
Air travel, bus, train, boat and taxi are all modes of transport available to tourists in Cambodia. Your selection is best determined by how far you wish to travel, the time you have available, the amount you want to spend and, sometimes, by the weather as during the wet season travel by road especially in the provinces can be very slow.
 For getting around the major centers such as Phnom Penh, Siem Reap and Sihanoukville, the most common form of public transport is the motor (motorbike taxi). The motors are fast, cheap (negotiate the price before your trip) and readily available however if you are unfamiliar with sitting as a passenger on a motorbike in heavy traffic, such as in Phnom Penh, then you may prefer an alternative mode.
 The quaint cyclo is also common in the cities and is a safer more pleasant way of getting around compared to the motor, although obviously slower! Again, negotiate the price first.
 For comfort and safety your best option may be to hire a car, with a driver, and this will cost you around US$20-$25 per day. Your hotel/guesthouse will usually be able to arrange a car for you.
 Where to stay?
 There are accommodation options to suit all tastes and budgets in Cambodia, from 5-star luxury hotels to inexpensive and friendly guesthouses. Hotels in
Phnom Penh, Siem Reap and Sihanoukville.
Currency / Banks / Credit Cards
The official currency of Cambodia is the Riel however US dollars are widely accepted; in fact many businesses set their prices in US dollars. It is however wise to carry some riel around with you for small purchases. The current exchange rate for the riel to the US$ is around 4100 riel = US$1.
 The acceptance of credit cards is increasing in Cambodia and you can get cash advances against your credit card at some major commercial banks. There is however no ATMs that will provide access to foreign bank accounts.