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 To our esteemed travelers,
The Kingdom of Cambodia has opened its door to the
world. A country rich in tradition, culture and history its past is written in stones in its magnificent temples. A story of the glory of a mighty people ruled by kings centuries ago until the present. A nation whose resilient people has rised above the challenges of time moving forward armed with a new hope in humanity.
We invite you to come and see for yourselves the
transformations witnessed everyday in every aspect of society, in its struggle to show to the world that they have arrived from the long arduous journey working together towards a common goal, a new beginning!
That journey begins here......
Cambodia is now a member country of the ASEAN
nations. Economic, social and political reforms allowed the stability, security and the growth within its borders. As a result of these reforms, Cambodia has become one of the region's prime tourism destinations. The governments commitment to improve infrastructure is evident in the various construction projects for roads, water and electricity supply, health regulations and the joint cooperation among the government official tourism authorities, non governmental organizations and private stakeholders, all joining together in an effort to realize the objective set for the comfort, security and enjoyment of the world travelers.
The whole country is a region ready for exploration, the ancient remnants of a glorious past that withstood the ravages of time, Angkor Wat temple complex in Siem Reap to the small island and sand beaches at the port town of Sihanoukville, to the biodiversity of Koh Kong near the Thai border. The rural experience, trekking to the hill tribes of Ratanakiri's ethnic minority, listening to the sound of the wild fauna in its forest, the rumbling waterfalls and the awesome view of the great lake on the caldera of the crater of an instinct volcano. The capital town of Phnom Penh, center of government, education and social life. The city host the royal Palace, once the home of the present royals, the Silver Pagoda, the in famous Killing Fields, Toul Sleng Museum a living testimony to the atrocities of a Cambodian to another Cambodian.
What makes this journey unforgettable?
It is the discovery of the ancient wonders, the experience
of the difference, the sights, the taste and the sound,  the smile and the friendship of a people who clasped their hands  with a greeting "Sum Rep Suou"... Welcome!
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